I have not updated this site for years as I have long retired from ministry and from the market place.

Here is an update to this reconstruction.

This website is not defunct. Some articles are made available through search engines and some posted by others into their websites.

While many considered these materials useful for research and studies, linked to by some universities and authoritative resources for additional reference and research, regretfully I have to put this site on hold, to rewrite some of the articles. One reason is that they have been so misquoted, misused and abused by some for their personal purposes, instead of just using these materials from a historical and societal perspectives.

This can be understood, as there are those who suffer from marital shipwreck and some such hurt and bitter people will take these writings as personal attacks on their dysfunctional relationships.

I have long retired from ministry to any churches because I feel inclined to go into intensive search to uncover God’s purpose and presence, His universality in different generations, races, individual personalities, cultures and even religions other than just Christianity. For this reason, I feel that it would be better that I withdraw from Christian services, and if necessary from even being a Christian, where such stance might be just too unorthodox and offensive. So legally speaking, I am no longer a Christian bound by its traditions and dogma. My research or project involves intensive historical research, experimental drama and cultural simulations.

From 2000, out of it evolves what I called, “Drama On The Stage Of Heaven”. It is a LARP form of living history conducted and enjoyed in many parts of the world since late 1970s. Information of LARPs (Life Action Role Playing) is readily available on the Web. The research is voluminous and they define the historical plots and the spontaneous role-playing of specific personalities and individuals in historical sagas, in dynastic reigns, in fantasies and even in the realm of the gods. And because of my background and those involved, some personal spiritual elements of inspirations, meditations, dreams and visions enhance the whole drama experience. The maintenance of premises, props, costumes and setup themes, operating expenses and all such are borne by the participants, with no funding from outsiders or the public whatsoever. This LARP Drama (or even game – whatever you want to call it) is not under any religious dogma. This whole project is entirely personal with no infringement on any religious or legal order.

But alas, the stigma of a Christian image never go away, it is lumped together with what I do now in my LARP and with what is written (historical and societal) in this website and then abusively hounded at by some random religious freaks and hurt psychopaths. They are totally offended by my website when I discuss that not just in the cases of our ancient fathers, responsible polygamy may be justifiable in some circumstances and countries even in this modern times. Such are constantly busy with witch hunting and self gratifying attacks, even on the innocent ones. They snoop and lurk, randomly plucking and twisting information out of context and sensationalize them to alarm the ignorant public. Know a tree by its fruits.

So unfortunately, despite encouragement from some to go on, I have to put this site on hold.

CS Lim

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